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The Best Time to Sell is Here

It’s finally here—springtime, a key selling season for the real estate market.

This year, we’re seeing higher buyer expectations for existing homes on the market and the new ones that are about to hit!

That means you’ll want to present your home in the best possible way in order to sell in your desired timeframe and for top dollar. Here’s a six-step checklist to help you do exactly that:

    1. Assess your home’s condition

Look at your home through a buyer’s eyes. Spot issues such as worn carpet, chipped paint, and cracked tiles, so you can deal with them before they drive away potential buyers. And if you find that you cannot be objective, ask a friend or family member to lend you their critical perspective.

2. Get rid of oversized furniture

Clearing your home of extra couches, armchairs, and cupboards will make it look larger and will allow visitors to imagine themselves in it more easily. You can put the furniture into storage, sell it, or even give it away.

    3. Clear out the clutter and personal items

Make your home look sleek and minimalist, allowing buyers to imagine themselves—not you—living there. This means removing magazines from the coffee table, shoes from the hallway, and most photos, trophies, and collectibles from the walls.

    4. Deep clean

Of course, you’ll want to thoroughly clean your home from the bathrooms, to the kitchen, the tiles, windows, curtains, upholstery, etc. Once you’re done inside, power wash outdoor surfaces as well.

  5. Work on curb appeal

Most potential buyers will drive by before they ever consider coming for a viewing. That’s why you should clean the gutters, rake the lawn, remove weeds or dead plants—and even consider planting new flowers to brighten up your front yard.

  6. Repaint in neutral colors

A new coat of paint can make your home look years younger. And if you are repainting, choose a neutral color, such as soft whites or grays.

And there you go—six steps for making your home stand out in the spring crowd.

Want more tips? We can help! Email us if you’d like a copy of our Guide to Getting Market Ready.

In case you’re ready to kick off this process, you can get started by seeing how much your home could fetch right now, using the calculator that’s based on recent sales in our area:

Enter your home address here to find out what your home is currently worth

And if you need help carrying out any of these six steps, give us a call at 217-351-4900. We can help you honestly evaluate your home so you know what to focus on. Plus, we have great trusted partners who can help with things such as deep cleaning, repairs, painting, and more.

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