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September Home Maintenance & Safety Checklist

September Home Maintenance & Safety Checklist

The best part of a new month is starting out on a clean, fresh note. Here are some home maintenance tips to help you get ready for fall!

Wash & Lubricate Garage Door

With summer wind and storms dirt gets picked up and lands in the crevices of your garage door and tracks. Take some time to clean your garage door and lubricate it.

Check House For Areas Where Critters Can Get Inside

Check for areas around your home and garage areas where critters can get inside your house. It’s a good idea to do this before fall rain storms and winter weather arrives.

Plant Spring Bulbs

Take time this month and plant your Spring bulbs. Spring blooming bulbs should be planted when the soil temperature is cool and September and October are the perfect months for this.

Head over to “14 Tips For Planting Your Favorite Bulbs” for ideas and instructions on the proper way to plant your bulbs.

Service Yard Equipment

Service your yard equipment before winter storage. Maintaining your yard equipment and servicing them regularly will help them lengthen their longevity and ensure they’re in tip top shape when using.

Store Summer Items & Replace With Fall Items

With summer drawing to a close and fall’s official arrival take time to store your summer items and replace with fall items. Head over to “10 Simple Ways To Transition Your Home From Summer To Fall Elegantly” for some excellent ideas.

August is a good time to inspect your roof before fall and the cold weather arrives. Check your roof for integrity issues, loose shingles, damaged roof flashing, rust and other issues that could affect your roof.

Prepare your home for the fall season with these essential tips to keep your space cozy, functional and beautiful!

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