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    Beginning with Pre-Approval

    By Mackenzie Holland | September 27, 2023

    If you’re looking to buy a home this fall, there are a few things you need to know. Affordability is tighter with today’s mortgage rates and rising home prices. At the same time, there’s a limited number of homes on the market right now and that’s creating some competition among buyers. But, if you are strategic, there are ways to... Read More

    Remote Work Is Changing How Some Buyers Search for Their Dream Homes

    By Mackenzie Holland | September 20, 2023

    The way Americans work has changed in recent years, and remote work is at the forefront of this shift. Experts say it’ll continue to be popular for years to come and project that 36.2 million Americans will be working remotely by 2025. To give you some perspective, that’s a 417% increase compared to the pre-pandemic years when there were just... Read More

    Should Baby Boomers Buy or Rent After Selling Their Houses?

    By Mackenzie Holland | September 20, 2023

    Are you a baby boomer who’s lived in your current house for a long time and you’re ready for a change? If you’re thinking about selling your house, you have a lot to consider. Will you move to a different state or stay nearby? Is it time to downsize or do you want more space to accommodate your... Read More

    September Home Maintenance & Safety Checklist

    By Zoe Doehring | September 18, 2023

    September Home Maintenance & Safety Checklist The best part of a new month is starting out on a clean, fresh note. Here are some home maintenance tips to help you get ready for fall! Wash & Lubricate Garage Door With summer wind and storms dirt gets picked up and lands in the crevices of your... Read More

    Why It’s Still a Seller’s Market Today

    By Mackenzie Holland | September 6, 2023

    Even though activity in the housing market has slowed from the frenzy that was the ‘unicorn’ years, it’s still a seller’s market because the supply of homes for sale is so low. But what does that really mean for you? And why are conditions today so good if you want to sell your house? The latest Existing Home Sales Report from... Read More

    Buyer Traffic Is Still Stronger than the Norm

    By Mackenzie Holland | August 30, 2023

    Are you putting off selling your house because you’re worried no one’s buying because of where mortgage rates are? If so, know this: the latest data shows plenty of buyers are still out there, and they’re purchasing homes today. Here’s the data to prove it. The ShowingTime Showing Index is a measure of buyers touring homes. The graph below uses the... Read More

    Why You Need a True Expert in Today’s Housing Market

    By Mackenzie Holland | August 23, 2023

    The housing market continues to shift and change, and in a fast-moving landscape like we’re in right now, it’s more important than ever to have a trusted Ryan Dallas Real Estate agent on your side. Whether you’re buying your first home or selling once again, it’s mission critical to work with a RDRE expert who can... Read More

    Equity Is a Game Changer for Homeowners Looking To Sell

    By Mackenzie Holland | August 16, 2023

    If you’re a homeowner, you might be torn on whether or not to sell your house right now. Maybe that’s because you don’t want to take on a higher mortgage rate on your next home. If that’s your biggest hurdle, understanding your equity may be exactly what you need to help you feel more comfortable making your move. What Equity... Read More

    The Value of an Agent When Buying Your New Construction Home

    By Mackenzie Holland | August 15, 2023

    Buying a new construction home can be an exciting experience. From being the very first owner to customizing your home’s features, there are a lot of benefits. But navigating the complexities of buying a home that’s under construction can also be a bit overwhelming. This is where a skilled Ryan Dallas Real Estate agent can make all... Read More

    August Home Maintenance & Safety Checklist

    By Zoe Doehring | August 9, 2023

    August Home Maintenance & Safety Checklist With the transition from summer to the beginning of a new school year, August can feel like a sudden shift. Stretch out these last few weeks of summer by maintaining your biggest investment with our August Home Maintenance and Safety Checklist. Deep Clean Carpets With the warm weather now... Read More