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May Home Maintenance & Safety Checklist

May Home Maintenance & Safety Checklist

Welcome May! Spring is now in FULL force and we want to make sure you and your greatest investment are prepared with our May Home Maintenance and Safety Checklist.

Check Your Electrical

May is electrical safety month! Take this time to check your electrical cords for damage. Be sure to check your power strips and make sure they’re not on overload and make sure they have a power surge protector. Cover your unused outlets to prevent small children and pets from accidentally shocking themselves. Covering unused wall outlets also helps to keep debris and dust from interfering with the sockets.

Patch Pathways

Cracks and potholes in your pathways and walking areas can pose a dangerous hazard. Repair concrete cracks on your walkways and inspect outside areas for tripping hazards.

Check Outdoor Lighting

Check your outdoor lighting by ensuring all your lights are working and look to see if any repairs are needed. Use these 7 outdoor safety lighting tips to help keep you, your family and guests safe.

Test Your Water Heater’s Pressure Relief Valve

Routine testing of your water heater’s pressure relief valve can prevent a possible explosion and help reduce the chance of a leak caused by mineral and corrosion build up. A buildup of minerals and rust can cause a valve to freeze up and become nonoperational. Check your water heater’s pressure relief valve with these step by step instructions.

Check For Leaks Under Your Kitchen Sink

Slow water leaks can wreak havoc on your home. Catching leaks early and making the necessary repairs can prevent serious water damage later. Take a moment and check under your kitchen sink for signs of water leaks.

Clean Exterior Doors

Dirt and grime tend to accumulate on exterior doors and garage doors every few months. Take some time out of a nice day and give them a good cleaning.

Check and Repair Fences and Gates

Now is a good time to check your fences and gates. Clean and make reparations as needed. Use these tips to clean and make the necessary repairs to your fencing.

We know you want to enjoy the warm days ahead, but taking the time to knock out these tasks with ensure the safety and integrity of your home. Roll up those sleeves, throw on some sunscreen, pop in your ear buds and let’s do it!

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