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August Home Maintenance & Safety Checklist

August Home Maintenance & Safety Checklist

With the transition from summer to the beginning of a new school year, August can feel like a sudden shift. Stretch out these last few weeks of summer by maintaining your biggest investment with our August Home Maintenance and Safety Checklist.

Deep Clean Carpets

With the warm weather now is a good time to give your carpets a good cleaning so they’ll dry quicker. Keep your windows open, let the warm breeze flow through your home and freshen your carpets. Clean, fresh carpets are a great way to get ready for the next season, fall.

Ensure You Have Several Neighbors’ Contact Info In Case Of Emergencies

Be sure you have several of your neighbors’ contact information in case of emergencies. They’re the closest ones physically to you and will be more than happy to help out and we’re sure they would appreciate you offering to help out if they need anything.

Clean & Maintain Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Cleaning your bathroom exhaust fan is an important home maintenance and safety task. Your bathroom fan helps remove odors, excess moisture, humidity and airborne pollutants. Head over here for tips on cleaning your bathroom vent fans.

Prune Bushes, Plants & Dead Limbs

Dead tree limbs and branches pose a danger in the winter. Ice, weight of snow and winter storms cause havoc and can cause these to break off. While it’s warm and dry, right now is a good time to get outside and get rid of the dead tree limbs and overhanging branches. Clear away dead bushes and shrubs. Prune your shrubs and bushes now and have your yard ready for the cooler months.

Inspect Basement & Crawl Spaces For Moisture

It’s not uncommon to have moisture in your basement, however, moisture in your basement can be problematic and very bad news. Leaking pipes behind your walls, slow drips sight unseen and water seeping in areas that aren’t in plain view can lead to problems from structural damage to airborne toxins (mold in the air).

Head over to “6 Common Causes of Basement Moisture and How To Fix Them” to help you stay ahead and take preemptive measures before more serious problems occur.

Inspect Your Roof

August is a good time to inspect your roof before fall and the cold weather arrives. Check your roof for integrity issues, loose shingles, damaged roof flashing, rust and other issues that could affect your roof.

Stay proactive with these maintenance tasks, and enjoy a well-maintained home through the end of summer!

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