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April Maintenance Minute

Spring… you’re finally here! These hints at warmer weather have us energized to get outside and check off those essential spring home maintenance tasks.

With everyone seemingly busier by the day, we partnered with Troy Doehring of Tech Spec Home Inspection Services to get his short list of the 5 key tasks to tend to around the house as we transition into hotter months ahead.

  1. Check the yard for low spots: Spring showers give us a chance to see where water puddles up in the yard. Those low spots will turn to dead spots in the grass, not to mention provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The quick fix is to fill  them with a couple of inches of soil cover.
  2. Check drainage around your foundation: While you’re outside, spend some time checking to ensure the soil slopes away from your foundation walls to prevent water from soaking the soil and causing leaks and cracks. Grade where necessary.
  3. Check your foundation and eave vents: As you walk around the exterior, be sure to also check the vents that let air circulate through your crawl space and roof framing. These vents have screens to keep debris and critters out. Clean any clogged vents along your foundation and under eaves and be sure to repair any missing or broken screens.
  4. Clean out your flower beds: Prepare your flower and veggie beds for your spring planting by removing debris, trimming back the perennial growth from last year, and adding some mulch or compost.
  5. Cut shrubs and trees away from your house: Trimming trees and shrubs away from the home can save you immensely over time: less change of damage to your siding, windows, and roof; less change of moisture damage and rot from the vegetation; and fewer rodents and insects using the overhanging branches!

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