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Monthly Archives: January 2022

    The Next Generation of Homebuyers Is Here

    By Zoe Doehring | January 27, 2022

    Many members of Generation Z (Gen Z) are entering adulthood and deciding whether to rent or buy a home. If you find yourself in this group, it’s important to understand you are never too young to start thinking about homeownership. The sooner you start planning, the sooner you can move on from renting. As you set off... Read More

    When a House Becomes a Home

    By Zoe Doehring | January 10, 2022

    It’s clear that owning a home makes financial sense. As real estate professionals, we also know that the emotional side of what drives homeownership is becoming increasingly important. No matter the living space, the feeling of a home means different things to different people. Whether it’s a familiar scent or a favorite chair, the feel-good connections to our own... Read More